Custom Jewelry Design

"I know what I want but I just can’t find it anywhere."

This is a statement we have consistently heard over the years from frustrated customers who are just about to give up searching for the perfect piece of jewelry. We understand your frustration and thanks to the best jewelers in the state, we have always been able to manufacture just what you were searching for. Now J.R. Fox has decided to take it a step further and make it easier and more fun for you to design your own piece of jewelry. Introducing CAD/CAM jewelry design technology. This technology not only allows us to make alterations to a design with precision accuracy, but the customer can see an actual 3D image of their piece before it is even made! Better yet this process doesn’t cost you any more then if you bought it out of the showcase.

Cad Drawing of Ring

This technology enables us to design and easily change your piece before it is even made. This gives you complete control over how your Jewelry will turn out.

Computer Rendered Ring

This is a computer rendered view of this ring before it was even made.

Guitar Earrings

Not only is cad/cam a great method for creating the perfect engagement ring, but unique pieces can be easily produced as well. Even the detail in these guitar earrings can be made in the precious metal of your choice. Imagine the unique pieces of jewelry that can be created.